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佃 七緒「家と人かたまり継ぎ接いでほうろう」

Nanao Tsukuda “ HIT A HOLLOW ”
Exhibition of ceramics and installation work by Nanao Tsukuda. Her works are often made from the experience of staying in unfimiliar surroundings outside Japan. The ceramic pieces in this show are made during the stay in Spain, imitating the tools that were used in the daily lives of local people which she had met and talked. As those ceramics are now out of Spain and have lost their background, she tries to give them new places and holders to support by using fabrics, and composes them in the gallery space. Her works are made out of consuming her experiences and transforming those memories to concrete objects. They are now showed as a collection of her possessions of memories, but also offered as a space to experience the atmosphere of someone's life.


佃 七緒

Nanao Tsukuda
Nanao Tsukuda is a visual artist based in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.
Her research-based work translates the everyday lives of her subjects into constellations of drawings and sculptures, commonly utilizing both ceramics and found material.
Currently participating in Asuka Art Village program in Nara, Japan.
Selected for the Kyoto Art Center Exchange Program to stay in ARTSPACE Sydney, Australia(2018).
Selected for the End of Summer program in Portland, US(2017).